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A 30 year resident of Tucson, Arizona, Rich came from Wyoming and lived
for a time in Kansas. His educational background includes a Bachelor of
Arts degree from the University of Wyoming and a Master of Arts degree
from the University of Arizona.

Rich taught art, printing, and photography in secondary schools for 6
years before coming to Arizona and also in a private art college for 3
years in Tucson. He has operated a graphic design firm, Rich Designs,
in Tucson since 1980.

Rich 's preferred medium is painting. He paints a variety of subjects
including, abstract, figurative, portrait, and more recently surrealistic paintings.

Rich has a studio at his residence in northwest Tucson.

Artist Statement:
Currently, I am attempting to paint more from my heart and spiritual
side and less from the precise and analytical mind of a designer. I am
particularly interested in dreams, spirituality and the relationships
between humans, animals, the earth and objects in our lives (which is
basically everything). I want to create images that use various
elements, which may or may not be related, in a surreal or dreamlike
setting. These images may tell a story, or a story can be made up by
the viewer. It could be like making a dream become visible.

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